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The Dollar Business
presents EX-IM.

The most advanced AI-Powered Superengine
for exporters and importers.

It aids your strategies in foreign trade, by providing exceptional analytical data on Importers & Exporters globally with the aim of promoting global trade and fostering business relationships. In the world where information is key, we give you access to 20 million active companies from 181 countries via our platform, streamiling international trade for Middle Eastern businesses.

Join us to overcome challenges and unlock global opportunities.


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The EX-IM Edge

Exim Edge

Experience The AI-Powered Superengine

When human intelligence partners with business, businesses prosper. This makes the business more powerful and more impactful in the world of foreign trade and commerce. Our vision is to make your business futuristic with the help of technological advancement, which makes The Dollar Business (Ex-Im) have a presence around the globe.

This is an innovation that's useful for you and beneficial for the entire world: one platform to discover opportunities in a market with eight billion consumers. With The Dollar Business (Ex-Im), you can leap across continents and stay ahead of the curve. (And get the edge to maintain an advantage).

Exim Edge
Importers and Exporters

One-of-its-kind trade analytics platform

Importers and Exporters
  • Ex-Im.com is one-of-its-kind trade analytics platform that helps exporters in UAE and importers from around the world make business sense of infinite loads of both structured and unstructured information on foreign trade.
  • Our cloud-based, AI-enabled platform can help you grow your market share, increase your global footprint, and reduce costs in your supply chain, while saving valuable time and other related resources.
  • Actionable intelligence is what we commit - informatics that helps them get key insights into the global supply chain as well as evaluate present and prospective trading partners.Our global coverage and multi-level data sets help our clients understand almost everything related to exports-imports – from the simplest of market fundamentals to the complex near-to-mid-term supply and demand shifts across value chains.

The Ultimate AI-Powered Superengine

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  • We integrate technology, information, and human intelligence and make foreign trade simpler and surer for exporters and importers across the globe.
  • Powered with flash technology-driven algorithms, our AI engine sifts through billions of data sets in nanoseconds to serve you actionable intelligence.
  • Our hybrid-engine, extracts, processes, and delivers only select information through its hyper-customized built-in Big Data vaults hosted on its multiple cloud and physical servers.
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Making technology, information, and actionable intelligence work better for your EXIM business.

Import Export Data Analysis

Smart Dashboard

Import Export Data Analysis

It’s a smart dashboard for our ever-growing circle of the smartest clientele on planet Earth.

Top Import Export Buyers by Country

Trade Analysis

Top Import Export Buyers by Country

It gives better insights into export-import markets and supply chains also establishes itself as a leading import-export info provider, helping businesses improve flexibility.

Top 10 Importers

Port Analysis

Top 10 Importers

Port Analysis tool helps the users to identify a port that suits their need and stay competitive.

Total Buyers by Country

Discover active buyers and
identify credible sellers

Total Buyers by Country

We ensure whatever our users get is “only useful”.
We assist them in strategic decision-making.

  • Our various trade intelligence technology tools and sub-tools, help you pinpoint and discover and understand buyers and suppliers across geographies and product categories.
  • We are ‘the’ place to be if you desire in-depth understanding of a buyer or a supplier and spot an opportunity in global trade.
  • We also try solving the big problem of finding meaningful information about a buyer or supplier at one place by letting our users gain access to precious business information such as supplying and buying capacities, frequencies of trade across product categories and markets… and much more.


Exim-Dashboard Image

The Ex-Im intelligent dashboard understands your needs.

  • It is the offering that is possibly the highest on user requirement, logic and utility quotients.
  • AI-enabled “Smart Box” that tracks all the shipment records that you want to keep your eyes on, to searching companies by their name and grouping them according to their activities.
  • Tracking trade has never been simpler. Ex-Im Dashboard is the only place you need to visit for all your trade intelligence requirements. Afterall, it’s a smart dashboard for our ever-growing circle of the smartest clientele on planet Earth.
Exim-Dashboard Image

Nexus Charts

Who does your competitor sell to? Who is his biggest buyer? Who is your potential customer buying from? Business questions of similar character and weight… the answer lies in Nexus. Not to say, with access to such precious information, our users have a real sustainable competitive edge as they are now better equipped to gauge their competitors’ transactions and refine their strategies accordingly.


Product nexus breaks down the relationships between various buyer-seller firms in connection to "specific product categories". What raw materials does the company use and whom is it sourcing from? What products is it selling and to whoom?. The Product Nexus showcases a companys product-specific relationships with both buyers and sellers that it has been doing business with. Now, that sounds lika a product created for the contemporary and wise exporter-importer.


Trade Analysis

Top Seller Company
Top-Buyer-Pie Image
Top Buyer Company
Top-Buyer-Pie-Back Image

Trade Analysis

Our trade analytics suite helps our
users make informed decisions

  • Whether it be high-level analytics to identify growth markets or tailor production schedule depending on seasonality of demand or micro-level information that can help in pricing products correctly for different markets, our users can do it all.
  • This not only gives them better insights into export-import markets and supply chains but also helps them improve flexibility to react to competition.
  • We allow our users to take a closer look at various aspects of foreign trade transactions and help them understand the movement, flow and growth of a product or a set of products over a period.

Port Analysis

Port-Analysis Image

The success of a foreign trade transaction is often dependent on how one manages the entire shipping process. The process involves finding answers to questions such as:

  • What is the best way to transport my products to the buyer?
  • Which port is best equipped to handle my shipment?
  • Which port is being used by my competitor/peer?

While theoretically, you could go about with the research and calculations, practical experience appears to be the right place to look for, for answers.

Port-Analysis Image
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