About Us

The Dollar Business is a Multi-national company which acts as a catalyst in global trade, facilitating success for exporters and importers. With its deep expertise and actionable analytics, it enhances trade strategies for businesses worldwide. Serving diverse clients, it simplifies international operations using technology and intelligence.

Providing insights from 181 countries, it empowers users to navigate the dynamic Global Trade Intelligence Platform, aiding manufacturers and exporters to excel. The Dollar Business is a guiding light, leading businesses through the complexities of international commerce with dedication.


Effective, efficient, and more informed decision-
makers – that’s our clientele.

Our hyper engine EX-IM, which is packed with truckloads of formulas and stitches shiploads of data on exports and imports to provide the most sophisticated trade analytics platform available to exporters and importers worldwide. We make sure that our users get the information they need to manage their regular EXIM enterprises more effectively, wisely, quickly, and successfully.


In order to give users a competitive edge, we want to empower them with efficient supply chains. By delving deeply into buyer-seller patterns, we provide both macro and micro insights into trends in supply and demand around the world.

This helps to better meet customer expectations and manage international sourcing by improving understanding of export-import markets and buyer-supplier needs. Our all-encompassing technological solution, powered by technology and big data, reveals untapped insights for resource optimization, cost reduction, and international trade expansion. Additionally, it offers comprehensive Global Trade Information by Country, allowing users to access detailed information on trade activities, fostering informed decision-making and strategic planning in the global marketplace.

For the future

Our foundations are laid on the bricks of years and years of on-the-ground experience in trade and commerce. This is a tool designed to make the future paramount to success in the field of trade and commerce by making impactful ties among buyers and sellers.

Your simple, perfect, actionable trade intelligence tool with just a device and an internet connection, you're set for future success in international commerce. We're young, evolutionary, and powered by world-class software. No need to search for the latest global export import trade information and analytics tech; it's all here. Connect with us and tell us more about your business and we would love to hear more from you.

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