Our Data

Accelerate your business with the rise in demand for data to make your import export business reach the mark. With years and years of sheer hard work and dedication, the Dollar business, is powering global exporters and importers to sail across the ocean of big architecture with its smartest built.

Data Source

Where Do We Get Data From?

In a world interconnected by devices and databases, the challenge is not information. It’s ‘sensible’ information, which is less of a commodity and more than just remotely relevant to your business. To ensure only the most accurate and appropriate information is shared through our cloud-based platform, our hyper-customised built-in data vaults fetch only the most optimised and segmented information - from dozens of public and private data sources - that is suited for consumption of the everyday exporter and importer.

Do we expel irrelevant data from our pipeline?

Certainly! We are aware that not all export-import data list is pertinent to your company's operations. By utilising Ex-Im, we assist you in overcoming the difficulty of preventing unnecessary overprovisioning and improve capacity building in groups or individual reports as necessary. Finally, you receive an enterprise-class solution to help you expand your export-import company.


How is Ex-Im delivered?

The dollar business, powered by the ex-im business, was created to elevate Global trade Companies and commerce and to elevate the quality of the business with its optimum cost mechanism. It was developed to provide accuracy in DaaS and SaaS as a low-cost platform.

Because of this, The Dollar Business offers a wide range of data solutions through a single cloud-based software and information system, unlike many other providers who promise to deliver analytics-based solutions in hybrid formats and platforms (standalone sheets in addition to other types of diverse web and downloadable tools).

This maximizes both the return on infrastructure expenditure and the human commitment of our license holders. The goal is to provide all of our import export companies license holders with quick, easy, and secure access to vitally processed information on international trade at affordable pricing.


Buyer / Importer Profiles


Shipments Evaluated
Using AI-Driven Codes


Seller / Exporter Profiles

Deduplication and Data streamlining

How do billions of rows of ‘mass’ data turn 'useful'?

It's a challenging process. It's a trade secret that we'd prefer to retain behind our doors, not because we have complex systems of algorithms fighting the battle against billions of duplicate data points for us. But because you must be curious, let's just say the data sets are systematically cleaned and made to be more pertinent to our licence holders. It seems more like the data sets are changing to meet the needs of our licence holders with each automated and human-assisted phase.

Do we 'actually' have humans working with robots on Ex-Im?

The invention is incomplete without the presence of human intelligence and technology. We have a team of professionals who are highly technical with the machine bit and make use of robust cloud and captive architecture, sophisticated matching tools, and probability-, human-, AI-, and human logic-driven mapping equations.

Our team includes intelligent humans in order to deliver an unbeatable combined platform of Data as a Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) called Ex-Im. Let's just say we have some very smart humans working on some very smart machines and codes to discover and identify obvious and not-so-obvious secrets hidden in shiploads of "Big Data."

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