EX-IM is a path breaking and unique foreign trade analytics platform that helps businesses from around the globe garner actionable business intelligence from the humungous amount of structured and unstructured information on foreign trade that come their way. Our leading-edge analytical tools and algorithms process millions of EXIM datasets in nanoseconds and ensures that our clients are armed with the most comprehensive, up to-date, accurate export-import information. EX-IM equips you with advanced and in-depth understanding of the buying and selling patterns of millions of corporations across the globe, such that you can take quick and informed business decisions to grow your business.
To gain access to EX-IM, all that you have to do is subscribe to one of our plans. Plans differ in features and subscription periods. EX-IM currently offers four plans - Start, Silver, Platinum and Platinum+. Choose a plan that meets your needs, and you are ready to go. Click here for more information on Plans & Pricing.
Detailed information on Plans and Pricing is available on https://ae.thedollarbusiness.com/. Net banking, debit/credit cards, PayPal, cheques and other electronic payments can be used to make the payments.
EX-IM provides accurate, reliable EXIM information after removing the clutter. It gives access to priceless information on trade analytics and trends that assist our clients with informed decision making.
EX-IM is much more than that. EX-IM provides you latest available and analysed information on foreign trade. It captures and updates information sets from various registered, subscription-based and open data sets, shipping manifests, open company registers, partner trade data providers, using proprietary technology and deep-tech AI-processes, etc. Its data is collected from various official, registered and open sources like WTO, Search Engines, Intracen, Open Company Registers of over 90 countries, Knowledge Centre Partners from over 25 countries, etc. We have paid subscriptions to various registered and globally recognised Import Export data sources. These datasets are already being used by exporters and importers across various other developed and fast growth markets. It’s high time businesses across the globe realise that a powerful tool such as EX-IM can be of great advantage to them to aid them in their trade overseas.
It’s user-friendly, simple and straightforward analytical tool makes it easy for even a first-time user to understand EX-IM. Add to that it’s intuitive and visually pleasing interface and navigating EX-IM is like a walk in the park.
Absolutely! EX-IM gives you access to detailed profiles and purchase habits of buyers of your export products from across 181 countries.
A core team of analysts parse through and verify each profile using both technology and human interface.
Definitely. Not just buyer profiles, EX-IM gives you access to detailed profiles and supply patterns of verified suppliers / sellers of your product from across 181 countries. EX-IM boasts of millions of active supplier profiles of all companies that engage or have engaged in exports / sales of a product over the last few years.
EX-IM gives a license holder an overview of all markets / countries that a buyer / importer sources a product from. Using the information the EX-IM analysis uncovers, businesses can improve their sourcing strategy and achieve increased value for money, reduced prices, and improved product quality.
The Sale/Purchase Basket analysis helps measure demand of your particular product. It also shows you opportunities for diversification.
EX-IM empowers you to be at the forefront of the dynamic world of Import & Export UAE. It ensures that you are not inundated with information that might not be usable. Only accurate and precise information that can assist in strategic decision-making reaches your table or screen. EX-IM saves you from precious hours and days and weeks as well as human resources spent on trying to understand and analyse macro and micro trends and discover genuine buyers and suppliers overseas.

Many B2B websites lead to unverified, irrelevant buyers and ghost buyers and sellers wasting both time and money. EX-IM, on the other hand, helps you find potential, active and verified buyers and suppliers who could help you grow your sales and improve margins, respectively. EX-IM helps you connect with...

  • Verified foreign buyers and suppliers for a specific product
  • Buyers and Supplier with a history of having made recent purchases and sales
  • Serious, B2B (Bulk), non-retail buyers of your product
  • Verified and genuine suppliers with a track record
Generic product searches can lead you down the rabbit hole, causing you to waste time, resources and money. EX-IM is engineered on an algorithm based on ‘exactness’. Making informed, high-value business decisions is possible with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of buying and selling patterns and information sets like monthly purchases, import baskets, detailed transactions, supplying markets, buyer-seller relationship, etc. of millions of companies engaged in foreign trade Leads. EX-IM helps you make calculated market-entry, expansion and diversification strategies.
Whether you are just entering into the field of foreign trade or are well entrenched in Exports and Imports Code EX-IM is the tool that you cannot do without. The best time to deploy the power of foreign trade to grow your business would be NOW!
We have a dedicated team of customer support executives who always glad to help. For further assistance please contact: [email protected]
Our user-friendly and intuitive interface helps you access and leverage EX-IM with basic computer skills.
EX-IM gives you in-depth access to business information about your competitors including who their foreign buyers are and their selling patterns. It also provides you a deeper understanding of your competitors’ sourcing capabilities and enhance your competitive position.
EX-IM allows you to extract a variety of useful and actionable information including but not limited to Trade Synopsis, Trade Peer Analysis, Transaction Analysis, Port Analysis, Country Analysis, Sale Purchase Patterns, Buying and Sourcing Market Analysis from the world of foreign trade. Seek growth opportunities with EX-IM and watch your revenues swell. EX-IM is your one-stop-shop for the "who", "what", and "where" of foreign trade. It helps you understand markets based on consumer potential and buying patterns.
Just key in the HS Code or the product description in the search bar and you are in business. That is how easy it is. EX-IM is armed with TDB’s proprietary technology that uses intelligent filters to fetch you exactly what you need.
There is no provision for paying in instalments. All EX-IM Licenses are available in a single payment mode.
Providing references contradicts our data protection policy. However, you can view the testimonials of our many satisfied clients on our https://ae.thedollarbusiness.com/
In a rare case, we are unable to verify and profile in your contacts list, we will replace them with a credit for adding another profile.
Not all products have a demand in all countries, and this is specifically true in the case of some small countries. That is reason why you may not be able to see buyers for certain products in these countries.


1 Subscribe to a TDB License and gain access to EX-IM
2 Key in the necessary like the HS Code or product description
3 Access Buyer / Supplier profiles, Competitor profiles, Trade summary, Transaction analysis and many more for the product in question
EX-IM aggregates various data sets: We subscribe to or access Open government data, data from reputed sources such as WTO/World Bank, syndicated data from multiple data partners, TDB proprietary data, etc.

EX-IM’s Platinum and Platinum+ License-holders are eligible to access Buyer contacts. Once a License holder requests for the contact details of a buyer, that information is forwarded to TDB’s dedicated International Verification Department. Members of this team then verifies and provides the following contact information of a foreign buyer.

  • Name
  • Designation
  • Email Id
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Social Media links (If any)
We serve clients, both large and medium sized corporations and conglomerates across continents. We have a significant presence in Australia, UAE, India Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands, Oman, Italy, Poland, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and the United States amongst others. Our clients operate across a diverse set of industries, that include, but is not limited to pharmaceuticals and chemicals, engineering, agro products, gems and jewellery, ceramics, Banking and finance, logistics and textiles and apparels.
Your dashboard is the go-to place to view all that profiles that you have ever viewed.
Buyers / suppliers are segmented by countries in EX-IM. However, if you initiate a contact verification, our International Verification Team will provide you with the same.
There could be multiple reasons. The buyer / supplier may no longer be active, or the company may have changed its business name. It could also be that the buyer / supplier has started using a third party for foreign trade transactions. That said, even the best search engine cannot index the entire universe of businesses, and in rare instances we might actually not have a buyer / supplier in our database. But we are continuously evolving and our research teams are always on the look out to expand our data set.
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