With Ex-Im, The Dollar Business brings to you an unmatched experience that guides buyers and sellers to function under one roof with the help of advanced technology powered by AI tools to leverage the user experience. The business is not limited to any boundaries. Accessing the profiles of all buyers and sellers across the world is now easy with us.

Foreign Buyers

Find Buyers for Export. Biggest problem solved!

Competitor Analysis

Stay alert. Track and see what they do.

Foreign Suppliers

Active and reliable Sellers and Buyers profiles. Precious.

Focus Markets

Turn new geographies into established revenue centres.

Reduce Risks

Risk-taking is good. Not necessary. Take informed actions with Ex-Im.com.

Your Dashboard

Built on the cloud to make you faster and efficient.

Trend Analysis

Our data visualisation engines make analytics easy to understand.

Reliable Information

Premium product that you can trust.

Timely Action

Understand 'what' and 'when' to manufacture and export (or buy)

Global Coverage

It's the world of foreign trade on your fingertips.

Nexus-Multi-Level. Priceless.

Buyer-seller chains for strategic decision-making.

Diversify Your Basket

Identify product gaps and market spaces. Export.

Contact Details

Manually verified contact details of Buyers and Sellers

AI-Driven Search

Precision engineering mastered for exporters and importers

Impeccable Support

Call. Email. Chat. We're always there for you.

Big Data-enabled Flash Technology

Actionable intelligence served in nanoseconds.

Tomorrow Is Today

Ex-Im edge for you. Served real time for tomorrow's growth.

Complex Made Simple

Using EX-IM is easier than saying 1, 2, 3.

Join The League

Some of the finest and largest exporters-importers are our license holders. Jump in!

Try EX-IM. It's Upper Class.

The most obvious way to grow your EXIM business. Get an EX-IM license now

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